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    Our Services

    W Wincom’s Comprehensive Maintenance Support
    I IT Infrastructure & Sourcing
    N Network Planning
    C Contingency Planning for Business Continuity / Continuity Management
    O Office Relocation IT Support
    M Managed Data Security

    W – Wincom’s Comprehensive Maintenance Support

    You focus on your business operations while we take care of your IT needs.
    Benefits We Offer 3 Different Packages
    • Customised Maintenance Plan
    • Quick Response Time (when IT issues arise)
    • Skilled, dedicated team of IT specialists
    • Cost-effective & affordable rates
    • Capacity planning
    • Monthly Subscription
    • Quarterly (3 Months) Subscription
    • Prepaid Package
    Services Included
    • Customised Preventive Maintenance Support
    • Onsite and Remote Technical Support
    • Network & Server Support
    • Workstation support and maintenance
    • Strategic Technology Planning – Advise new solutions to meet changing business needs.
    • Technology Procurement
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Data Recovery Services

    I – IT Infrastructure & Sourcing

    IT infrastructure is the shared technology resources that serve as a platform to facilitate daily business operations. IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, and other services that are shared across the entire organisation and to its customers, suppliers, employees, and even business partners.
    Different organisations have different requirements for their IT infrastructure. Our dedicated and experienced team of IT specialists will tailor a suitable IT infrastructure for the clients and source accordingly for the required hardwares on behalf of them.
    In the long run, fostering ongoing relationships with clients who require reliable and efficient IT support allows us to better identify their IT needs.

    N – Network Planning

    Network planning is one of the essential fractions in an organisation’s IT infrastructure. A good network strategy helps businesses gain operational optimisation and costs minimisation.
    Our IT specialists advise our clients on the network strategies and review time to time as their businesses expand.

    C – Contingency Planning for Business Continuity / Continuity Management

    What if I tell you that every IT downtime or network failure, your company might suffer a loss of over a million dollars?
    Downtime is a serious issue that companies really need to take a hard look at. In an event of IT downtime, do you have a proper contingency plan to ensure business continuity?
    Designing a sensible business continuity and contingency plan is a complex process which involves a lot of specialisation, time and considerations. Our IT experts are all geared to devise a contingency plan with great flexibility to ensure the consistent operation of your business at any point of time.

    O – Office Relocation IT Support

    Shifting an office and subsequent IT relocation is an extremely tedious task which is time-consuming and results in resource exhaustion. Let our IT specialists handle it for you so that you can continue to focus on your core business.
    Our duty is to ensure that all of your IT infrastructures are in operational order by the time the company shifts over to the new business location.

    M – Managed Data Security

    Security is literally protection. Hence, data security basically means using preventive measures to safeguard the accuracy and confidentiality of networks, programmes and data from unauthorised access. 
    Is security the top priority in your organisation? In Wincom, we are committed to provide clients with appropriate solutions so as to uphold data integrity.
    Our Clients:   Sony Corporation   Hewlett-Packard   Canon   Apple   HTC   ESET   Ranger   Dell
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