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5 ways to reduce corporate e-waste


The digital world offers numerous advantages, unfortunately the multitude of technological advances come at a hefty price in the form of e-waste. Corporate e-waste is the informal name for electronic products that are thrown into the trash. The most popular types of e-waste include: copiers, fax machines, speakers, televisions, laptops, tablets, computers, and smartphones. In 2018 Singapore produced an unprecedented 60,000 tonnes of e-waste. Experts predict that this production of e-waste will continue to increase year over year.

Benefits Of Reducing Corporate E-waste

An estimated 50 million tonnes of electronic waste are produced globally every year. This astounding figure not only highlights the detrimental impact on the environment, but it also highlights a lost economic opportunity. For example, corporations have a chance to gain additional funds through the simple acts of recycling e-waste, selling older technologies, or donating their devices for tax right-offs. In this vein, there are several additional benefits that can be enjoyed when companies decide to reduce corporate e-waste. 

  • Manufacturers are rewarded for building longer lasting products. — According to the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model, manufacturers are directly rewarded when they build products that last longer. They are also rewarded when their products can be easily upgraded and recycled. 
  • Corporations can reduce their environmental footprint. — The uncontrolled movement of corporate e-waste not only leads to global contamination, but it can also increase greenhouse gases. Fortunately, there is an easy remedy. By reducing corporate e-waste, companies can create a positive environmental impact by lowering the amount of electronic garbage in landfills.  
  • Recycling e-waste creates jobs. — Many e-waste recycling plants are located in low income areas. By recycling e-waste, corporations can effectively contribute to the economy by indirectly creating more e-waste recycling jobs. The additional jobs have the added benefit of ensuring that e-waste is properly sorted, reused, recycled, and disposed of throughout the globe.  

5 Suggestions To Reduce E-waste

There are many steps that corporations can take to reduce e-waste throughout the year. 

  1. Extend the shelf-life of your electronics. — By extending the shelf-life of company electronics you can ensure that your older devices are not only working properly, but that they don’t unnecessarily end up in the landfill. Additionally, when you extend the shelf-life of your electronics you can save money by reducing the amount that you spend on new devices each year. 
  2. Donate used electronics to social program. — If you want to reduce your corporate e-waste, but don’t have the means to extend the shelf-life of your electronics, then you can always donate items to a local social program, charity, or school. Make sure that you clear off any personal and business data before you donate your items to those in need. 
  3. Dispose your e-waste to recycle bins. — Did you know that when you properly recycle your e-waste you can help to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases? Properly recycling your e-waste can also save natural resources, aid int he recovery of valuable materials from older electronics, and lower the amount of raw materials that are extracted from the Earth on a yearly basis. 
  4. Buy environmentally friendly electronics. — If you want to reduce your corporate e-waste throughout the year, then be sure to buy environmentally friendly electronics. Check to see if your electronics are labeled Energy Star or certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) before making a purchase. 
  5. Re-use large electronics. — Reusing large electronics is a great way to lower your corporate e-waste. For example, if your CEO buys a new laptop every year, then you can simply reset his or her old laptop before giving it to the new intern to use. Alternatively, if you discover that a device keeps having issues, instead of throwing it out, you can give it to the IT department so that they have a designated practice device for learning new skills and valuable workarounds. 

The Bottom Line: The Right Managed IT Services Provider Can Help You To Reduce Corporate E-waste

In conclusion, reducing your corporate e-waste is a great way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. Reducing corporate e-waste can also help you to give back to local organizations, while simultaneously creating the groundwork for new jobs at e-waste recycling plants. Whether you decide to re-use large electronics or buy environmentally friendly gadgets, the right managed IT services provider can ensure that you effectively reduce your corporate e-waste every year. In fact, with the help of Wincom IT, you can not only reduce your corporate e-waste, but you can also enjoy the benefits of a smooth IT infrastructure that leads to additional cost-saving measures and a more successful business. 

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